Thematic area I : HEALTH
Program goal : To advocate for inclusive health services & SRHR for PWDs in Rwanda
Program objectives

The program addresses the following key concerns that will include :

  1. Establishment of partnerships with coalition groups with THT.
  2. Raise awareness and increase accessibility in-house. Attention to the needs of PWDs as an integral part of our current work.
  3. To ensure that SRHR programs and social policies reach and serve PWDs.
  4. To address PWDs issues in national SRHR policy, laws, and budgets.
  5. To promote research on the SRHR of PWDs.
    The expected outcomes of the program is : 1) inclusive policy and legal framework and strategies targeting PWDs 2) improved access to SRHR resources, information and services tailored towards the needs of PWDs.3) Stronger & more inclusive disability movements for SRHR