Social Empowerment

Thematic area III : Social empowerment Towards the realization of UNCRPD and towards the achievement of the NST1 and development goals, coalition advocacy will : Mobilize governments, international organizations, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders to support PWDs in Rwanda - translating commitments into concrete actions
Program Goal : Our Advocacy works primarily to change the social behavior of public leaders & decision-makers.

Program Objectives :

  1. Ensuring capacity for informed evidence based response for empowering PWDs in Rwanda.
  • PWDs and their families have improved access to information and access to justice.
  1. Communication barriers for PWDs are reduced and/or eliminated through culture and art.
  2. PWDs and their families represent themselves in their respective communities through self-help group and self-advocacy.
  3. THT personnel are effective communicators and share information with all stakeholders including those who have communication difficulties in Rwanda.